Medical Tourism In Costa Rica


Each year, more and more North Americans are traveling to Costa Rica – not only to enjoy it’s waterfalls, volcanoes and beaches but to take care of costly medical procedures at a fraction of the cost.

Medical tourism is booming in Costa Rica and here’s why. Not only is medical care in Costa Rica more affordable then in the United States, but it also ranks higher in quality of care then it’s northern neighbor. If you’ve visited a doctor’s office in the States lately, you know that often times, that “personal touch” is missing. Due to the high volume of patients a doctor sees in a day, being a patient can sometimes feel like you are on an assembly line. Patients are rushed in and rushed out, without feeling like their provider really “knows” them or takes the time to listen before scribbling out a prescription and handing them a hefty bill for their “services”.

In Costa Rica, they have mastered the art of “personal” care. The doctor’s offices will not be crowded with people and because you are most likely one of a few patients the doctor will see that day, they will slow down and take the time to give you the personal attention that you deserve. If you are worried about a language barrier, rest assured that most doctors in Costa Rica speak English very well so there will be no problems with communication.

Dental Procedures: One of the top reasons people travel to Costa Rica is for dental work. Teeth whitening, veneers and dental implants are typical services received in Costa Rica and they are half the price of the same treatments in the US. Many people travel here to have costly work done that they can’t afford back home and in the meantime, end up having a great time during their stay in Costa Rica.

I, personally, have had nothing but great experiences with the dentists in Costa Rica. When I was living in the States, I went to get my wisdom teeth removed after they started giving me some problems. After spending about $300 on x-rays, my dentist told me that the cost to have them removed would be around $5,000. Needless to say, I never went back to have the work done.

Once I got to Costa Rica, I started having problems again. I woke up one night with my face swollen and I was in terrible pain. I sat up half the night swishing tequila to try to ease the ache that was slowly spreading over my face. The next day, I went to Tamarindo and walked in to a very nice dental walk in clinic. I waited about 10 minutes and was brought in to see the doctor. She assessed the situation and confirmed that I had an infection in one of my wisdom teeth. She wrote me a prescription for antibiotics and I returned five days later to have the tooth removed. Honestly, I was terrified. She took an x-ray, numbed the area and removed the tooth so gently that I didn’t feel a thing. The whole procedure took about a half an hour and when she gave me the bill – it was $80.00 for everything. My cost to have all four wisdom teeth removed in Costa Rica was $260 compared to $5,300 back home. . I was very pleased!

There are a wide array of treatment options in Costa Rica. Men and women who are concerned with their appearances will find top notch plastic surgeons here. Others may need help with fertility or addiction. Costa Rica offers many options for receiving world class health care at a fraction of the cost, with fantastic doctors who will give you great personal care and attention. All while visiting a beautiful country, that is conveniently located only a short flight from most major cities in the US.

With care that is centered around the patients, skilled doctors, top notch equipment and technologies – visiting Costa Rica for your medical needs may be just what the doctor ordered.


Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about medical care in Costa Rica. We can help you make contact with the medical doctors as well as take care of  your flight, hotel and transportation needs, ensuring a great experience at a fraction of the cost.



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