Costa Verde, Manuel Antonio

Costa Verde offers one of the most unique eco-resorts hotel in Costa Rica. Spend the night in a beautiful suite inside a refurbished vintage ’65 Boeing 747.


The 747 jets out from the canopy with views that will make you feel like you’re flying.


The two beautiful suites are covered from head to tail in Costa Rican teak. Furnishings are made of hand carved teak from Indonesia. Each fully appointed suite is air-conditioned, with a queen sized bed and private bath, a flat screen TV, kitchenette, dining area and an ocean view terrace surrounded by 360 degrees of beautiful tropical gardens.


If you are just passing through Manuel Antonio, make sure to stop in to El Avion, the restaurant of Costa Verde which also utilizes a refurbished plane, this one with a somewhat tarnished past. This Fairchild C-123 was part of one of the biggest scandals of the 1980’s during the Reagan administration during which the administration set up arms deals to Iran to fund the Nicaraguan gorilla fighters, called the “Contras”. Ollie’s Point, a world class right point break here in Costa Rica, is named after Oliver North’s use of the location during this time to smuggle arms to the rebels. On October 5, 1986, the twin sister of El Avion’s own Fairchild C-123 was shot down over Nicaragua. A crew member, C.I.A. operative Eugene Hasenfus parachuted to safety and was captured by the Sandinista army. Led out of the jungle at gunpoint, his existence set in to motion an incredible chain of cover ups and lies that became the biggest American political scandal to date, the Iran Contra Affair.

The C-123 now sits in Costa Rica, refurbished and retired with a much less “risqué” use as a bar and restaurant.


Costa Verde also offers unique, unforgettable wedding packages as well as an health & wellness center with spa treatments and yoga.

Costa Verde is a premier eco-tourism location, they have truly perfected the craft of turning “trash in to treasure”. They are located about a 10 minute walk from the ocean and the entrance to the Manuel Antonio National park is located 1/2 a mile away. A variety of other lodging options are also available.


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